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Summary Report of Patient Surveys – PE001 and Patient Exit Survey

 We carried out a patient exit survey in February where over 2 weeks we got 75 patients to fill in the surveys when they attended the GP for a consultation. We tasked one particular receptionist to deal with the selection of these surveys under the guidance that she surveyed a diverse random sample of patients of differing age, sex, ability and ethnicity. She is confident that she achieved this fairly.

 We carried an additional survey of 40 questionnaires on top of the Demand Management Exit Survey where we targeted patients who had come into the practice to collect a sick line, a prescription or to make an appointment who had not necessarily had a face to face consultation with a Health Care Professional. We were mindful to include a number of home visits in this sample group and the GP’s helped us with this part of the survey.

 The results of this survey were as follows

 On the question “Would you recommend your GP Practice to someone who has just moved into your local area?”, the results were as follows out of 40


  1. Extremely Likely                       35 (87.5%)
  2. Likely                                        3 (7.5%)
  3. Neither Likely or unlikely             
  4. Unlikely                                     1 (2.5%)
  5. Extremely unlikely
  6. Don’t know                                1 (2.5%)




We have discussed these results at a practice meeting and we are very pleased that such a high proportion of our patients are very happy with the service we provide and this was also demonstrated in our 75 patient Exit Survey.(See below)


On the same question “Would you recommend your GP Practice to someone who has just moved into your local area?”, the results were as follows out of 75


  1. Extremely Likely                       54 (72%)
  2. Likely                                      14 (18.67%)
  3. Neither Likely or unlikely              5 (6.67%
  4. Unlikely                                      1 (1.33%)
  5. Extremely unlikely                       0
  6. Don’t know                                1 (1.33%)





Some of the comments are demonstrated in the table below and again we are delighted that our patients appreciate the service we provide.



Helpfulness and Willingness


Very good, you can always get seen that day for an emergency appointment


Staff very helpful and friendly. No matter when I phone, they always try their best to help me


Always very helpful


A caring practice, never long delays, all staff most helpful and friendly


Have always found them very helpful doctors and reception staff. I have only been with the practice a few years and I have always got the best of treatment.


Everyone very friendly and helpful


Friendly and helpful


Good Doctors, been here for years


This practice is extremely obliging and most helpful


Very friendly staff, Drs very competent, would like to order scripts on-line


Friendly service


Nice staff


Personal Mistreatment


In total between the 2 surveys we questioned 115 patients. We have a list size on our lastest PCAS baseline of 5684.

We have shared this information on our Patient information boards in both waiting areas and we are planning to include this in our new Spring Newsletter that we will be displaying in reception with copies to take away. This information has also been uploaded onto our practice website where we hope that our patients will read the positive response to our surveys this year.

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